Castor Oil Packs

What is a Castor Oil Pack

A castor oil pack is typically flannel cloth that has been soaked in cold pressed castor oil. Using castor oil for natural remedies and healing dates back centuries. In early history castor oil was taking orally to treat digestive issues, circulation problems, and a host of other reasons. Today we know that ingesting castor oil can be toxic and should definitely be avoided.

Using a castor oil pack to promote fertility has become a very popular modern and natural practice for men and women. For women, applying a castor oil pack to the bare skin of the abdomen can help improve ovarian health, uterine health, fallopian tube health, egg health, and also to detoxify the body prior to conception. For both men and women, castor oil packs help to improve the health of the lymphatic and circulatory system. The health of the liver is also improved with the use of castor oil packs. This improved health will increase the overall health of men and women. For men, this improved health with help to promote healthier sperm and decrease congestion of the reproductive tubes.

How Using Castor Oil Packs Became Useful 

The use of oral castor oil dates back to ancient Egypt. Use of castor oil packs for a variety of health conditions also dates back thousands of years. The popularity of using castor oil packs to improve fertility has become popular in the natural fertility realm over the past few decades. Women and men seeking non-chemical fertility enhancers opt for this type of treatment. Castor oil is derived from natural sources (see the castor oil plant above), castor oil packs can be purchased online or at many homeopathic stores, and making castor oil packs is rather simple.

How Do I Know if I Need to Use Castor Oil Packs

Using castor oil packs is not just for boosting fertility. Therefore, using castor oil packs as a natural remedy for a variety of reasons is appropriate for most people. For women it can improve overall reproductive health to promote fertility. Women can begin using castor oil packs when they start actively trying to conceive. Using these packs is typically suggested by natural fertility experts when a couple seems to be having difficulty conceiving.

How Do I Use Castor Oil Packs

To promote fertility you should apply the soaked flannel cloth to your bare lower abdomen. It is recommended that you place a hot water bottle over the pack. (You can put a piece of plastic wrap in between the oil-soaked flannel and the hot water bottle to keep your heat source clean.) The heat promotes the absorption of the castor oil into the skin. You should lay comfortably flat on a protected bed or sofa. Castor oil will stain clothing and upholstery.

Wear clothing that you do not care to be stained and be sure to cover your mattress or couch with a protective cloth to avoid staining. Allow the castor oil pack to rest on your abdomen for at least 30 minutes. Wash your abdomen thoroughly afterward with a solution of baking soda in water (1 teaspoonful to a pint). You can reuse the same flannel cloth dozens of times by storing it in a plastic bag.

Contraindications of Using Castor Oil Packs

The use of castor oil packs for women should be completely avoided if you think you may have become pregnant. A good rule of thumb is to stop using the packs on the first day of ovulation. Keeping a basal temperature chart or using an ovulation calculator will help you to determine when ovulation has begun. Using castor oil packs when pregnant can potentially cause miscarriage or harm the unborn fetus.

Research Regarding Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil has been used for a variety of health conditions and remedies for centuries. Using castor oil packs to help promote fertility has been used for hundreds of years by midwives but has only become a rather mainstream natural fertility treatment over the past few decades. Most herbalists, naturopaths, and natural fertility specialists recommend the use of castor oil packs to their male and female patients to help promote healthier reproductive systems to improve fertility. Like most other natural remedies the amount of major scientific research is sparse.